Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, hopefully, I am back on track. At least I'm back to blogging. The fall was hectic, holidays were great and a whole new year is in front of us!!

I'm leaving for the Czech Republic in April for one week. My Granddaughter is running in the International cross country running competitions with 11 other students from Theriault school and was great and asked if we could go with her. Of course the answer was YES. I'll get great pics and post as soon as we're back. I'll also look for some good deals on wool of course.

I'm just knitting up a Debbie Bliss sweater in cashmerino and it's beautifully soft to work with.

I've finished a pair of socks for dtr. #2/aka Shelley and am starting a pair of trekking socks for myself.

Enough for today. Hope everyone is enjoying the light snowfall.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Holidays coming

Such a long time between blogging. I've been busy knitting for the upcoming Independent Farmers Market and getting ready to go on holidays July 21st to 29th. Then I'll be coming back and returning to work part-time nursing. Less time for knitting and the shop but so be it.
Business is a bit too slow. I guess we don't have as many Northern knitters as I assumed we had. You see, what they say about the word "assume" is correct......LOL

New challenges are always fun. I'll try running the shop part time also and see what goes on. Any customers reading this may want to check our hours before visiting the store. Also different staff members will be on duty at times. Life is all about change and I've never been one to sit still.

Hope everyone is enjoying the rainy bug infested summer we're having. We managed to get somewhat of a garden in.

I'm almost done a Kiri shawl and will post it when done. Have lots of mohair to dye this evening and I've got a black sheep fleece drying on the portable clothes dryer. It's a lovely curled black flleece.

My Angora bunnies were born in June and i will have two in August to care for and spin from,.... Another new experience. Wonder how my poodles will adapt to sharing...*s* Will let you all know when it happens.

Have a great end of summer. See you in the fall months with some new pics.

Friday, June 8, 2007


I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post. Time does fly by. I finished another felted bag done with different merino colors and intarsia. I'm presently doing a test sock pattern from Jean Townsend called wandering cables and it's turning out nicely in a coffee colored Regia yarn.

A busy weekend coming up. I received 25 skeins of Belle Vallee sock yarn this morning and want it all dyed by Monday so I'll have to beg my daughters to come and dye for the day on Sunday. It usually ends up being a fun day and I can then play with Xander for a bit. Hopefully the sun stays out. The weather channel is calling for more thunderstorms, a severe weather warning is in effect again today. :-(((( Strange weather for a Northern June day.

I'll post pics of the yarn once it's dyed and dried. I'm also spinning some lovely mohair and should be able to have that in the shop soon.

Happy weekend to everyone.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May Run Weekend

I think the picture tells the whole story......Snow, cold, rain, cold, sleet, cold and a campfire....*s*

I spent a good part of the weekend inside the trailer and finished up a pair of socks for Xander and started on a new Peruvian felt purse. All in all it was a very restful weekend and the children still managed to enjoy themselves.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Spring Fever

Spring fever seemed to strike us all this week until this morning when snowflakes were falling to the ground and melting. So far, I've seen snow in May, June and July so I never take it for granted that Summer is really here to stay.*s*

I have another Chullo hat done. I received the new felting tools this morningfor sale in the shop. I'll give needle felting a try as well. The tool helps to keep fingers safe from the extra sharp needles. Needle felting makes a nice design on felted purses and hats. As soon as something is finished I'll post it.

I've also started spinning. A bigger challenge than I thought it would be but I'm slowly catching onto it. I have too much unspun fibre not to catch on. This is another hobby I'm certain I will enjoy.

The rest of the week has been used up to set up my Etsy shop. I like it much better than some of the other on line shops as it's totally craft oriented. I'll gradually add knitted items that are being done by myself and my daughters.

Enough for today. I'm off to enjoy my new grandson, he's growing in leaps and bounds and needs some new socks knit.

A good weekend to everyone.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Too much to do too little time.

Wow!! I've sure been negligent with my blog. I've been busy setting up an e-bay shop and I may try an etsy shop as summer months can get pretty quiet at the store. I'll be ordering in more Briggs and little sock yarn for dyeing in a few weeks and will also try my hand at some cotton to see how it turns out.

Will try and get more pics on the blog this week but here is a pic of the hats I've completed thus far. I'm finishing up another Pstazza hat this evening. The orange hat on the right was made by one of my regular customers and is done in Noro and Decor combined to form a mock fairisle from an online pattern.

Happy Knitting!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Yarn Dyeing

This weekend we dyed 26 skeins of 100% pre-washed, pre-shrunk sock yarn. Beautiful colors available and we should start bringing them into the store on Tuesday April 10/07. Prices may vary due to the types of dyes used and the time required for dying but all are reasonably priced. One skein will make one pair of socks with enough left over for a small pair or some baby booties. Come in to see the new colors or email: knitwits@ntl.sympatico for colors.