Friday, May 11, 2007

Spring Fever

Spring fever seemed to strike us all this week until this morning when snowflakes were falling to the ground and melting. So far, I've seen snow in May, June and July so I never take it for granted that Summer is really here to stay.*s*

I have another Chullo hat done. I received the new felting tools this morningfor sale in the shop. I'll give needle felting a try as well. The tool helps to keep fingers safe from the extra sharp needles. Needle felting makes a nice design on felted purses and hats. As soon as something is finished I'll post it.

I've also started spinning. A bigger challenge than I thought it would be but I'm slowly catching onto it. I have too much unspun fibre not to catch on. This is another hobby I'm certain I will enjoy.

The rest of the week has been used up to set up my Etsy shop. I like it much better than some of the other on line shops as it's totally craft oriented. I'll gradually add knitted items that are being done by myself and my daughters.

Enough for today. I'm off to enjoy my new grandson, he's growing in leaps and bounds and needs some new socks knit.

A good weekend to everyone.

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