Thursday, July 12, 2007

Holidays coming

Such a long time between blogging. I've been busy knitting for the upcoming Independent Farmers Market and getting ready to go on holidays July 21st to 29th. Then I'll be coming back and returning to work part-time nursing. Less time for knitting and the shop but so be it.
Business is a bit too slow. I guess we don't have as many Northern knitters as I assumed we had. You see, what they say about the word "assume" is correct......LOL

New challenges are always fun. I'll try running the shop part time also and see what goes on. Any customers reading this may want to check our hours before visiting the store. Also different staff members will be on duty at times. Life is all about change and I've never been one to sit still.

Hope everyone is enjoying the rainy bug infested summer we're having. We managed to get somewhat of a garden in.

I'm almost done a Kiri shawl and will post it when done. Have lots of mohair to dye this evening and I've got a black sheep fleece drying on the portable clothes dryer. It's a lovely curled black flleece.

My Angora bunnies were born in June and i will have two in August to care for and spin from,.... Another new experience. Wonder how my poodles will adapt to sharing...*s* Will let you all know when it happens.

Have a great end of summer. See you in the fall months with some new pics.

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